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Elderly Care - Easy Living specializes in elderly care for Atlanta seniors.

Elderly Care Atlanta - It's difficult trying to juggle it all ~ work, family, errands and other demands often leave you overtaxed. Where do you turn when a loved ones' needs are more than you can manage on your own? What do you do when some of the care alternatives seem like a complication rather than a solution? We understand, in fact, many of us have been there.

Consult Atlanta's most trusted source for quality Home Care, Easy Living Services. Offering flexible care plans designed to guarantee safety, comfort and companionship to your loved one at home.

Finally, a real solution.  At last, peace of mind!

An Atlanta family was exhausted caring for the needs of their elderly parents who lived alone but suffered from forms of dementia that compromised their safety. After considering other options, the family decided to select Easy Living.

“The Easy Living staff really took the time to listen to us and to figure out the best solution for preserving Mom & Dad’s independence while making sure that they are safe. “Due to dementia, they can be extremely difficult to manage, but our caregiver has worked to develop a very trusting and solid relationship with our parents.” “We feel like their kids again and not caretakers.”

An out of state family struggled to keep current on their mother’s condition while she recovered in a rehabilitation center.

“We were so worried when Mom had a prolonged hospital stay in rehab and we couldn’t be there to make sure that she was well taken care of. She sounded so lonely when I phoned her. Easy Living matched us with a terrific companion caregiver for Mom. After each visit our caregiver e-mailed us with a report detailing Mom’s condition, mood and general well being. It made us feel reassured and kept us connected. Mom appreciated the companionship so much I am sure it helped to speed her recovery!”

A concerned man searched for care options for his terminally ill friend. Suffering from the final stages of cancer, his friend could not care for himself but wanted to remain at home.

“My friend was terminal and our goal was to keep him comfortable in his final months. We turned to Easy Living when another agency failed to meet our expectations for consistency in caregiver. We chose two caregivers for 12 hour shifts around the clock for total coverage. Easy Living managed to keep the same two caregivers on a rotating basis throughout…which made things so much easier. Our caregivers were so loving and compassionate during a very tough time. We still keep in touch today.”

A frustrated husband called on Easy Living to help with his wife’s care during her hospital stay.

“The hospital staff was extremely overworked and just could not respond to my wife’s needs in a timely manner. I had to return to work but did not feel comfortable leaving her alone. Easy living was so responsive and referred a great caregiver the same day. Our caregiver stayed overnight and helped my wife with her personal care tasks. As a result, I’m sure that my wife received even more attention from the hospital staff. It made all the difference in the world.”