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Winter Reminders for the Over 55 Set

Many seniors live alone and cherish their independence. However, winter months can present some challenges. Being prepared for wintery weather is essential...

1. Dress warmly when going outside, even if its just a quick trip to the mailbox. Make sure to cover your head.

2. Put the cordless phone or cell phone in your pocket when going outside. In case of a fall, this can be a lifesaver.

3. Keep melting salt near the front door. Use a decorative can or container to conceal the unsightly appearance of the bag. Be sure to have something handy to use as a scoop.

4. Do NOT turn the thermostat below 65 degrees and risk hypothermia.

5. Before using the fireplace, consider having it cleaned and inspected by a professional.

6. Keep extra batteries on hand for flashlights. Keep survival items like drinking water, 3-5 days food supply and blankets organized and easily accessible.

7. Do NOT wait until the last minute to refill prescriptions. Keep at least a one week's supply on hand should the weather turn bad.

Source: AssociatedContent.Com

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