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What Does Home Care Companion Services Provide?

Home Care Companion Services offer a wide range of non-medical assistance for those who wish to remain in their home but need help with certain tasks.

Companion Caregivers provides companionship for older adult's and those who are shut-ins, and is an ideal solution for someone who would otherwise spend all or a large portion of the day alone. Companion caregivers provide emotional support. They help their clients stay mentally healthy and alert by engaging in conversation and by assisting and encouraging them to be as physically active as possible. Companion Care provides a valuable social benefit by decreasing isolation and helping to reduce depression from being alone. Companion Services also provides invaluable peace of mind to family and loved ones.

Listed below are just some of the services that a Companion Caregiver can provide:

  • Keep a watchful eye on daily routine.

  • Remind to take medications and record time and amount taken. Especially beneficial for clients with memory issues.

  • Provide transportation to appointments, shopping, errands, and doctor visits.

  • Assist with safety for someone unsteady on their feet.

  • Meal preparation-light snacks- grocery shopping.

  • Playing cards, board games, scrap booking, gardening.

  • Light housekeeping-laundry-linen change.

  • Assisting with pets.

  • Reading aloud.

  • Taking a stroll.

  • Engaging in meaningful conversation and reminiscence.

  • Functioning as an extra set of hands, eyes, and feet.

We are all individuals with our own specific needs. What one person may need help with may not apply to the next individual. This is why the Easy Living team will meet with you one-on- one to find out your needs and the skills required for the task's that you want help with. We then search for the skills and personality that will be most compatible with the person needing assistance from our large pool of highly trained and skilled caregivers to find the perfect match! Service times can be as short as 4 hours or up to 24 hours on an on going bases if needed.

Surrounded by the people and things most cherished, seniors and those with chronic illness can maintain independence, self-confidence and have peace of mind.

If the challenges of family and career are making life overwhelming and difficult to care for a loved one in need of assistance, we can help. Today’s families have very busy lifestyles so many times family members want to help and in many cases try to help but generally it is only a matter of time before it all becomes overwhelming trying to juggle too many tasks at one time. For most just knowing that companies like ours are here when you need support and an extra set of caring hands make the process less stressful and smooth.

Should a loved one need help, call us today 770-442-8664!

Easy Living Services, Inc.

Providing Home Care to Atlanta families since 1994

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