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Top Senior Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas for Seniors!

Carefully picking gifts for seniors and the elderly can be challenging as senior citizens often have special needs, a lack of storage space, and/or limited abilities. Out of ideas?

We've compiled a list of ideas that are sure to be a hit this holiday season.

1. Magazine subscriptions make great gifts for seniors and can serve to keep your loved one up to date on their personal interests and hobbies. Best of all there's no wrapping or postage!

2. Restore a beloved photo and dress it up in a new frame. Photo restoration can be done at many photo centers located in discount department stores. Shop flea markets and antique stores for unique frames.

3. A Christmas stocking filled to the brim with personal care items is a welcomed gift for many seniors. For most seniors, it has been years since they enjoyed their own stocking from "Santa"!

4. Tabletop trees are great gifts for seniors since many are physically unable to put up their own holiday tree. Decorate the tree with family photos and items commemorating special events. Live, pre-decorated trees are available at garden centers and less expensive artificial trees are sold at discount stores.

5. Call a local landscaper or lawn care professional in your loved one's area and pre-pay for a season of lawn mowing and general lawn care.

6. If your elderly loved one has a pet companion, a truly appreciated gift would be pre-paid pet exercising services. These services are especially helpful during winter months as well as the heat of summer when walking a pet may be dangerous for senior citizens.

7. There are many very practical items that are geared toward making independent living at home easier.

8. Purchasing and installing home safety items like shower grips, guiderails and tub chairs can be a really welcomed gift.

9. Large faced electric wall clocks make a helpful gift as eye sight may diminish with age. No battery to replace and easy to see from a distance.

10. Flashing light doorbell and flashing light telephones can also benefit an elderly loved one who may be hearing impaired. Check on-line for sources.

11.Remotes with tiny numerals make watching television difficult for seniors. Eliminate the frustration with the gift of a Large Button Universal TV remote. Additionally, cell phones with larger buttons are now available for seniors....check your local cell phone store for options.

12. Arrange for in-home hair grooming or salon treatments. Check with local barbers or hair dressers for availability. You can pre-pay for the service and arrange the in-home appointment for a convenient date & time for your loved one.

13. Caregiver services are always an excellent gift! The services can include; transportation to holiday events, light housekeeping, shopping and errands and so more! Call to learn how we can brighten your loved ones holidays 770-442-8664.

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