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Tips That Help Delay Alzheimer's Decline

At the present there is no known cure for Alzheimer's, however there are proven ways that help delay the decline of the disease. Alzheimer's the most common cause of dementia symptoms, slowly gets worse. Eventually it damages the brain to cause a slow death which is why it is considered terminal. There are several things that can be done to help the journey for both the person afflicted as well as the caregiver.

Light Therapy - It is not unusual when the sun begins to go down for the mood to change. The behavior challenges caused by sundown can be agitation, disoriented, confused, restless and even paranoia. Bright light can clearly improve the mood and lucidity. Try going outside for walks or sitting out doors. Keep the curtains open and have a favorite chair by the window. Turn on lamps, overhead lights, and keep rooms being used well lite.

Music Therapy -Music is powerful for everyone! It sparks the recall of memories and emotions. Music is one of the last remaining abilities for the Alzheimer's/Dementia person. It can shift the mood, manage stress, stimulate positive feelings and interaction. When selecting the music, select the genre that your loved one enjoyed the most while growing up.

Supplements & Social Stimulation -Vitamins, gardening, cooking, helping with the family pet, dancing, puzzles etc. Local senior centers provide stimulating socialization including group story telling, art, and games.

Keeping a Routine -Too much change can be confusing and disorienting. Having a routine that is familiar is very important to persons with dementia. Coping with significant change can make symptoms worse. Keep meals, sleep time, bathing and outside appointments close to the same time each day.

Medication -Schedule a visit to your loved one's doctor to discuss what medication might be helpful. There are five FDA approved meds that are used to delay the symptoms for a limited time. Not every med works for everyone, and each medication can have side effects. Speak to the doctor to see if any of these might work.

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