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Tips for Communicating with Hearing Impaired Seniors

Taking care of a senior loved one involves daily conversation. Communicating with hearing impaired seniors can present many challenges. Use these tips to to increase comprehension and form more successful relationships.

  • Communicate within the distance of three feet, face to face.

  • Pronounce your words clearly. Speak slowly, distinctly, but naturally, without shouting or exaggerating mouth movements. Shouting distorts the sound of speech.

  • Use "body language". Apply facial and body expressions.

  • Check the lighting to be certain that your face is clearly visible which will help with lip reading.

  • Use strategies to help numbers and letters be correctly understood. "D as in Dog", "41 as in four one".

  • Lower your pitch.

  • Avoid putting your hands or finger on your face while talking.

  • Eliminate as much noise as possible while communicating.

  • Regularly check hearing devices. Make sure that the device is clean and that the batteries are placed in correctly.

  • Have your loved one sit where they can see everyone clearly who will be conversing.

  • Say the person's name before beginning a conversation. This gives the listener a chance to focus their attention. Announce what you will be doing or discussing, avoid sudden changes of topic.

  • Be certain that you are not talking too rapidly or using sentences that are too complex.

  • Do not talk from another room. Not being able to see each other when talking is a common reason people have difficulty understanding what is said.

  • If your loved one has difficulty understanding a phrase or word, try to find a different way of saying the same thing, rather than repeating the original words over and over.

  • If you are giving specific information, have your loved one repeat the specifics back to you. Many numbers and words sound alike.

  • Whenever possible, provide pertinent information in writing, such as directions, schedules, etc.

  • Keep in mind that everyone has a harder time hearing and understanding when ill or tired.

  • Pay attention to your loved one. A puzzled look may indicate misunderstanding. Ask leading questions so you know your message got across.

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