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The Cancer Journey: 10 Key Insights for Caregivers

The C word can be one of the most terrifying in our language. A person who has been diagnosed with cancer is faced with the harsh realities of fighting a difficult battle while knowing that it may be unwinnable. Unfortunately, cancer doesn't just affect the patient, families become victims too. Over and above the tremendous emotional distress that cancer causes, the family fighting the disease carries other burdens including lost income and medical costs.

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States behind only heart disease. The American Cancer Society puts the cancer risk at 38% and 44% for females and males, respectively. While some of these will be treatable and have a marginal effect on a cancer patients life, most will require significant treatment and some will be terminal. All have the capacity to disrupt or destroy families.

As a leading provider of experienced caregivers in Atlanta, Easy Living Services has worked with hundreds of families suffering through cancer. As a result of our experiences, we would like to share the following insights:

Managing Cancer: 10 Key Points

  • Cancer treatment is often invasive, physically and emotionally draining and very scary for the person going through it.

  • Families can never understand what the patient is going through, emotionally and physically. You cant fix their problems, but you can listen and be understanding.

  • Taking care of a cancer patient may involve great sacrifices, such as quitting a job or making up for their lost income.

  • Families that maintain positive attitudes and steadfast support are the most successful in navigating the cancer journey.

  • Cancer patients don't want to feel helpless, even when they may be. Treating them as such, even with the most caring intentions, may make things worse.

  • Families of Cancer patients need answers as much as the patient does. Forums, friends and support groups can provide comfort and understanding.

  • Reach out for help if needed. Professional caregiver services as well as friends, family and your church or synagogue are valuable resources.

  • Accompany your loved one to a doctors visit. It may be difficult, but not nearly as difficult as it will be for your loved one. They will sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  • Cancer isn't pretty. Make your loved one feel beautiful inside with your thoughtfulness and caring. Never be ashamed to take them with you, even when they may look terrible. The fight and its appearance should be construed as a badge of courage.

Cancer is everyone's fight. Participate in walks, events and fundraisers. You never know when this effort may end up helping you.

Consult Atlanta's most trusted source for quality Home Care assistance, Easy Living Services. We have supported Atlanta families in their efforts to keep loved ones fulfilled and safe at home since 1994. Service offerings are flexible designed to meet each individual goals and care requirements. Call to discuss your specific needs, 770-442-8664 or visit us online at:


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