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Support for the Family Caregiver

More than 29% of American adults serve as the family caregiver caring for a sick or disabled loved one. Over 66% of all family caregivers are women. For most it can become a full time job caring for the immediate family while helping an ill or recovering loved one. The role of caring for another adult can over the course of time, takes a toll on your health. At least 70% of family caregivers have been reported to show significant signs of depression and the research showed that at least 17% felt that their own health became worse from caregiving.

For resources and suggestions on emotional support:

Join A Support Group -Sometimes all it takes is to talk about your day to get things off your chest and to let it go. A support group will bring you together with people who share the same day to day frustrations and the offered advice on how to cope and deal with the challenges will help the group collectively. Support groups let you discuss your issues with a group that will see you in a non-judgmental way vs. talking with a friend or another family member. Many churches, synagogues, hospitals and local organizations offer programs that provide caregiver support.

Online Support -Social media dominates our communication habits today and this is why many caregivers seek online support. There are several discussion forums and web sites designed to provide information and reassurance along with many of the specific medical condition sites. Facebook also has groups that focus just on caregivers and their issues.

Stay Organized -With the doctor visits and notes from the visit, medication reminders, specific nutritional requirements and just appointments in general for the person being cared for and YOURSELF, you need a system to keep it all straight and to focus on what's important. On line resources can help with the organization of information. there are apps and sites that can help such as Caring Bridge.

Keep a Journal -For many putting your thoughts on paper can be soothing and a great release from all that is pent up inside. Writing down your feelings and events from the day is a safe place to say what you may think but could never say out loud. Keeping a journal can be a great stress reliever. Along with writing about everything that is bothering you be sure to include all of the good in our life and everything that you are grateful for.

Caring For You -Having been in Home Care for over 27 years, I have seen far too many times the family caregiver putting so much emotional and physical support into caring for a loved one that they in turn become ill and end up in need of care. It is absolutely essential to take time to care for you! Give yourself time for things that bring you comfort, pleasure and that will nourish your mind and body. Taking time away from caregiving isn't selfish it is a requirement to keep you healthy and strong. Whatever brings to you happiness is something that you have to make the time to do daily and at minimum weekly.

Utilize Respite Care -With the hectic pace of life and with the approaching holiday season, this may be the perfect time to try Home Care Respite service. Respite service provides short term temporary relief with a professional caregiver assisting and filling in the gaps for the family caregiver. Make the decision to reduce stress, ease your mind and work load by turning to a caregiver team. A respite caregiver can help your loved one remain comfortable and well cared for at home while your focus on your own needs!

Here is just a small sampling of the services a professional caregiver can assist with:

  • Personal Care & Hygiene

  • Medication Reminders

  • Meal Preparation

  • Shopping & Errands

  • Transportation to Appointments

  • Homemaker Service (laundry, vacuum, dusting, linen change, sanitation)

  • Companionship

  • Hospital/Rehab Sitter

A certificate for Caregiver Services makes a thoughtful gift for a deserving senior, a busy family struggling to care for a loved one, a neighbor or friend with a chronic illness. Easy Living Services has supported Atlanta families in their efforts to keep loved ones fulfilled and safe at home since 1994. Call us to speak with a Representative about your family's specific Home care needs, 770-442-8664.

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