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Stroke - A New Shocking Study

More people under the age of 55 are suffering from strokes than ever before. A new study shows that people ages 20-54 account for 20% or more strokes which has increased from 13% in the 90's. Most younger people typically feel like they are healthy and that a stroke can't happen to them. The fact is that with a rise in unhealthy lifestyles and in stroke risk factors such as cholesterol young and middle-aged adults account for a surprising number of strokes.

Here are some steps to help you take action for your Heart Health:

Looking at the sunny side of life and cultivating a positive attitude does the heart good. The mind-body connection is being increasingly recognized as important to maintaining a healthy well balanced life. Studies show that optimistic people can cut their risk of a first heart attack by 50% compared to glass-half-empty types. Every day, count your blessings, show kind acts to others. socialize, and develop relationships you feel good about-all for the good of your heart.

Don't ignore having a healthy lunch. Eating a healthy diet is probably the most effective way of keeping a low stroke risk. We may do a great job of keeping healthy food items in the pantry at home and preparing heart healthy meals but if we are not taking our lunch to work and are eating out every day we are still putting ourselves at stoke risk. Preparing a salad packed with texture, variety and lean protein, can be quick, easy and healthy. East small portions. Keep salt in moderation which can also be found in canned foods and soy sauce. Make unhealthy meals the exception, not the rule. Make fast food an only occasional splurge.

Keep an eye on your Blood Pressure. High blood pressure is a potential risk factor for stroke, but it almost never produces detectable symptoms. Know your numbers. Lifestyle changes and perhaps medication may be in order to bring your blood pressure back into the normal range.

If you have not done so recently, go to a doctor and get your blood sugar checked. This is especially important if you are overweight or if other people in your family have diabetes. Like high blood pressure, diabetes does not cause any obvious symptoms until it is in its advanced stages. In fact, it is estimated that most people with diabetes have had the disease several years before they are diagnosed.

If you are a smoker, quit smoking! Enough said.

Lose weight and exercise. Even a brisk walk for half an hour or so per day can help you lose weight and decrease your chances of ever suffering a stroke. Go slowly. People who lose weight too fast gain the weight right back. Weigh yourself regularly to help keep you focused and motivated as you keep track of each pound that comes off.

Know and understand your cholesterol levels.

Although stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States, only a small percentage of Americans are able to name even a few of the diseases and unhealthy habits that can increase a person's risk of having a stroke. Follow these important tips to help you improve your chances of never suffering a stroke.

If you or someone that you know has suffered a recent stroke you may want to consider Home Care service. Having a helping hand while on the road to recovery can mean in many instances a faster more successful recovery. Utilizing the help of a professional caregiver provided by Easy Living Services, Inc. can come to the aide of busy families and stoke victims as well. Having someone who can provide meals, light housekeeping, transportation and can assist with personal care can ensure safety and speed the healing process. We have assisted Atlanta families to keep loved ones safe and fulfilled at home since 1994. Call us today to discuss your specific needs, 770-442-8664 or for more information visit us at:

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