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Senior Dental Care & Health Issues

It use to be an assumption that as we age we would lose our natural teeth. But that's not the case for today's senior adults. Having a healthy mouth is essential for a good quality of life and poor oral care can be associated with many serious medical conditions. Here are reasons why brushing, flossing and good nutritional intake is one of the smartest things you can do for your body.

  • Higher rate of risk for stroke

  • Damage to heart tissue

  • Double the risk of fatal heart disease

  • Increase for liver disease

  • Increase for Osteoporosis

  • Diabetes

  • Pneumonia

  • Gum Disease

  • Root Decay

  • Mouth Cancer

Caregiving for a Disabled or Elderly Loved One

Watching out for a loved one's health can entail many things. Not only are you keeping an eye on their nutrition and fluid intake, safety and physical capabilities, personal care and mobility, but also on their teeth and gums. Two things are critical to overall good health.

  1. Help them keep their mouth clean. Assist or remind to daily brush and floss

  2. Ensure annual visits are made to the dentist

When caring for someone confined to the bed, make oral health a priority. Bacteria from the mouth can be inhaled into the lungs and can cause pneumonia. It is just as important to keep dentures clean daily and remove them at night.

Dry mouth which is often caused by prescription and over-the-counter medications contributes to significant tooth decay and gum disease. There are over 400 medications with dry mouth as a side effect. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing dry mouth. There are various treatments to help improve this condition. Things that you can do are:

  • Drink water throughout the day

  • Use a commercial saliva substitute

  • Rinse frequently

  • Use non-alcohol mouth care products

  • Keep mouth area moist

  • Reduce salt intake

  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, acidic juices and soda beverages

  • Don't smoke

  • Have throat lozenges or sugar free hard candy on hand

Our mouth is a window into our overall health and can impact the entire body. Don't forget to keep it a priority!

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