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Senior Care: Treating Arthritis...Naturally

There are about 55 million Americans who are familiar with the pain and debilitating effects of arthritis. The cause of many types of arthritis remains unknown, but common features of the arthritic disorder include pain, joint stiffness, and restrictive mobility of joints, which are associated with damage to cartilage and joints and ongoing inflammation. By understanding ways to ease the symptoms of arthritis, you can actually prevent further damage and maintain a healthy lifestyle even after arthritis has set in. Having a balanced diet is the key to health in general, but certain foods have been proven to help soothe symptoms of arthritis, according to Arthritis Today Magazine.

Incorporate fish, kiwifruit, flaxseed and a variety of nuts into your diet to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Whole-grains, fish, nuts and legumes all are great sources of selenium, a mineral with anti-oxidant properties.

Eggs, whole milk and fish are all great sources of Vitamin D which may prevent the development and/or progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

Although many are fearful that exercising with arthritis can cause pain and discomfort, the truth is quite contrary. Exercise builds strength, which minimizes the effects of the arthritis.

Yoga not only encourages weight loss, decreasing the amount of weight put on joints, but also promoting relaxation building strength.

Walking reduces stiffness and helps get joints moving.

Water aerobics provides a low-impact workout, saving joints from fatigue while strengthening the muscles around them.

Turmeric has proven to have a soothing role in joint health as well as its supportive role in liver health and detoxification.

Anti oxidants found in food and supplements are good in helping reduce inflammation.

Consult your physician before beginning any holistic treatment, as herbs, exercise and foods affect each persons body differently. For more information on senior health tips visit us at: If you or a loved one can benefit from caregiver assistance call us at 770-442-8664. We have assisted Atlanta families in caring for their loved ones since 1994.

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