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Senior Care: Summer Travel Tips for Seniors with Parkinson's

Many people feel that Parkinson's disease limits their ability to enjoy travel. The truth is that people living with Parkinson's disease can still travel, but a few extra planning steps are necessary in order to make traveling safe and enjoyable.

Here are a few tips to consider:

* When flying, allow extra time! Depart early for the airport in order to leave plenty of time for security snags or last minute gate changes.

* Double check medication supplies and always take extra. Additionally, make certain that you have an additional refill on your meds in case you need to replace them out of town.

* Keep emergency numbers stored in multiple places. This is necessary in the event your luggage is misplaced in transit. If possible, carry a small bag with extra medication and emergency phone numbers, including your physicians.

* Plan extra time on your vacation for rest. In the excitement of the trip, it's easy to overdo the amount of activity that is packed into one day. Schedule rest time to make sure that your body isn't being overtaxed.

With a little planning and preparation, a vacation for your loved one with Parkinson's is possible. A much needed vacation can inject a feeling of hope into the lives of those suffering from this chronic disease as well as their family caregiver.


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