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Reducing Holiday Stress for Seniors

The holiday season is upon us! Its a season of happiness and joy, surrounded by a crowd of loving friends and family, right? Its a wonderful picture, but for many seniors feelings of loneliness and sadness dominate during the holidays.

What contributes to these feelings? Many seniors have lost spouses and close friends as they age, are separated from family and may be in poor health. Additionally, they may feel guilty for even having these feelings of sadness. Here's some strategies for dealing with those holiday blues:

Seniors shouldn't live in isolation, especially at the holidays. If family cant be with them, loved ones can help coordinate visits from friends. Arrange participation in volunteer opportunities at local churches or civic groups. Helping others is a great way to forget your own troubles and to restore the joy of the season. Consider hiring a caregiver to accompany your senior to festive events if you are unable. Call Easy Living Services at 770-442-8664 to learn more about caregiving services.

Help seniors to be extra careful with finances. Assist in establishing a gift giving budget and helping your loved one to stick with it. As most seniors live on a fixed income, overspending can cause worry over the bills after the holidays.

Encourage the senior in your life to avoid alcohol during the holidays. Alcohol is a depressant that can intensify feelings of sadness.

Encourage your loved one to express their sad feelings with you, a friend or a professional, if necessary. Denying or hiding these feelings can often intensify them.

Additionally, post holiday letdown can be eased by helping to organize and store holiday decorations, gifts and photos.

Stay healthy and get adequate rest. Senior citizens need to be reminded to pace themselves and go easy on holiday treats and sweets. Stay on a healthy eating plan and get as much rest as possible. The stress of the time seems to decrease immunity and increase the rates of colds and flu.

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