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Reasons to Learn CPR

Emergencies cannot be predicted. Would you know what to do if someone collapsed suddenly in front of you? The most common cause of death world wide is due to cardiovascular diseases. Being trained in CPR can be invaluable. CPR techniques can help save someone who has suffered a heart attack and a number of other emergency situations.

Four out of five cardiac arrests occur at home. Brain death occurs four to six minutes after the heart stops breathing, CPR effectively keeps blood flowing and provides oxygen to the brain and other vital organs ensuring a better chance for full recovery.

CPR is not a method of restarting the heart, CPR is used to return the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body to delay brain damage. CPR consists of chest compressions at a rate of 120 beats per minute performed with the heel of the hand on the center of the chest 2 and a half inches deep into the chest. Repeat the action quickly, at least 120 times a minute. Don't stop doing CPR until emergency services arrive at the scene! Current studies have shown that people may have a better chance of surviving with normal brain function when CPR is continued up to 38 minutes or longer.

Less than 3% of the U.S. population receives CPR training, leaving many bystanders unprepared to respond to cardiac arrest. We can't control everything that will happen to those around us but we can do everything possible to be ready to help in case an emergency occurs.

If you are still working on resolutions for the new year, add CPR training to your list! The American Heart Association's "Heartsaver" curriculum includes both CPR/1st Aid and Basic Life support and is the number one training course for Healthcare Providers. In-house and classroom training is offered throughout the Atlanta area. Refresher training for individuals needing to renew their training is available on-line.

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