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Preventing Falls and Accidents in the Bathroom

Wet floors and small spaces are only some of the causes for preventable falls and accidents that occur in the bathroom. There are many devices and maneuver methods that are available to ensure a love one's safety. Many potential problems can be addressed simply by home modification, approach tactics or the use of assistive devices.

One area of concern is procedural tips when aiding a loved one with a transfer:

  • Don't pull under the shoulders or on your loved ones arms.

  • Use a gait belt secured around the waist for assistance.

  • Explain each step of the transfer, then give physical assistance and verbal cues during the movement.

  • Allow your loved one time to comprehend what's expected and to follow through on their own time.

Other things to consider:

  • Use a non slip matt in the shower and tub., add a shower chair.

  • Remove all hazards on the floor.

  • Make certain the lighting is good.

  • Add grab bars in the shower and by the toilet.

  • Use a raised toilet seat.

  • Improve accessibility.

Anyone can fall in the bathroom or any room, but senior adults and individuals with limited mobility or balance issues are at a high risk. By identifying early on that someone may be more likely to fall, you can take necessary steps to prevent it. Falls are the largest cause of emergency hospital admissions for the elderly. Having a fall prevention and safety plan in place can help to reduce the outcome.

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