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Overcoming The Fear Of Hiring A Caregiver

Caregivers are the ones we trust to take care of our parents and loved ones when we can't be there and when extra help is needed. This should be a easy decision and it should bring us a great deal of relief knowing our loved ones are cared for. Unfortunately the thought of having an unknown person in the home who has access to private information, can bring about fear and uncertainty for many who are in need of care.

Many families feel anxious and even a little guilty at hiring a caregiver and they wonder if anyone can give the same level of care to their loved one as they can. Your loved one is likely to react to this decision with some resistance. Approaching the subject and coming to terms with the situation requires patience and tact. Here are some of the common fears and questions families have about hiring help:

  • Is the person honest?

  • Are they trained and experienced?

  • What if they don't get along and there is a lack of compatibility?

  • Will my loved one receive the attention and help that they need?

  • What about privacy and independence?

  • What if they are not kind or mistreat my loved one?

  • Will my parents still have freedom to make decisions?

  • Can I afford this?

Our loved ones are our most valuable assets and we want to make the right decisions when bringing in care. Working with a reputable experienced agency vs hiring a private caregiver can help with all of the fears and concerns of finding the right person to assist your loved one. The Home Care agency knows the honesty, the training and experience level, and how the individual works with others. If there are compatibility concerns or an emergency situation where additional help is needed, the Home Care agency is staffed and equipped to manage the circumstances. We are an agency that pairs qualified, compassionate caregivers with families who need assistance. With having over 27 years of experience at matching caregivers and families our success rate at making a good match is close to spot on each time. Finding an agency with our level of experience and success rate with client satisfaction is what will help to eliminate your fears and concerns with hiring a caregiver.

Here are important items to point out to parents or loved ones that may be resistant to hiring help.

  • Home Care assistance can provide the safety and the day to day assistance needed to remain at home instead of going to a facility or nursing home.

  • The cost in most cases can be more affordable than in a facility or nursing home.

  • It's a way to maintain independence while staying at home.

  • Having someone to prepare meals and provide housekeeping can free them to engage in the things they enjoy doing.

  • Focus on the activities that they may no longer be capable of doing that bring enjoyment such as driving, going to social functions, and meeting friends for lunch.

  • Let them know that it will give you time for personal activities without worry and concern for their safety.

  • Help to alleviate the fear by communicating with empathy rather than frustration. See the situation from their point of view and reassure them that the benefits of being safe at home out way the concerns.

  • Have a trial run. Ask them to try it short term. In most cases once they work with the caregiver all of the fears listed above are erased and this can lead to openness at receiving ongoing care.

I have countless stories and testimonies from clients and their families telling us how the caregiver became a part of the family. The bond that can develop between a caregiver and the person that they care for is an amazing thing to witness. Getting care will help both you and your loved one enjoy a happier and more fulfilled life.

For more information go to: or call us today for a free consultation and to learn more 770-442-8664

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