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One Way to Assist Your Aging Parents

We understand that given a choice, most people prefer to continue living at home for as long as possible. Unfortunately, chronic health conditions, mobility limitations, cognitive decline and other issues related to aging often get in the way. Concerned families often turn to institutional type of care when the burden of caring for an elderly loved one becomes overwhelming. In many cases, the loss and confusion associated with a move can lead to further decline and diminished quality of life. There are things you can do to assist your parents and help keep them safe and comfortable at home.

  • Analyze and review their needs. Include your parents in the process

  • Set up home safety, (hand rails, proper lighting, remove fall items). This is a priority!

  • Have your parents continue doing tasks that they are capable of and work along side to help with more strenuous chores.

  • Be respectful and gather their input.

  • Keep in touch often.

  • Set up lawn care service and manage the payment.

  • Put together a meal plan. Schedule a day each week to help prep and prepare meals that can be frozen and then easily cooked throughout the week. Deliver premade items from a restaurant or grocery store.

  • Hire a cleaning service.

  • Set up meds in a pre-dispensed pill container.

  • Ask for support from other family members.

  • Be their advocate.

  • Anticipate problems and high risk situations. Put a plan in place to avoid danger.

  • Encourage activity.

  • Help with decluttering and downsizing.

  • Help keep them involved in social interaction.

Consider caregiver services. Care can be scheduled for a few hours daily or on a 24 hour bases. Families can relax knowing that their loved one is well cared for where they are most home. If your loved one could benefit from caregiver assistance contact Easy Living Services, Atlanta's top source for quality Home Care since 1994. Call today to discuss care options, 770-442-8664.

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