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Kidney Disease Symptoms & Protection

Kidney disease often goes undiagnosed and begins to progress due to subtle symptoms that go unnoticed. One of the key risk factors is that our kidney's decrease from normal working conditions as we age.

Our kidneys perform so many important task such as cleansing the blood of toxins, managing blood pressure, and aiding in producing red blood cells. It is not surprising that what is termed "kidney failure" can cause debilitating results, even death.

Here are symptoms that can indicate kidney issues

  • Swelling in ankles, face, feet or legs.

  • Rash and itching skin.

  • Shortness of breath due to the body struggling to carry toxins.

  • Increased thirst.

  • Excessive urination with small amount of output.

  • Increased issues with blood pressure.

  • Management issues with diabetes.

  • Blood in the urine.

  • Pain in the kidney area, back or even in the leg.

  • Bad breath and a metallic taste in the mouth.

  • Loss of appetite and weight loss.

  • Vomiting and nausea.

  • Anemia and feeling cold.

  • Dizziness and lack of concentration, forgetful.

  • Headaches.

  • Difficulty sleeping.

  • Weakness, tired and fatigued.

How to keep your kidneys protected:

  • Pay attention to warning signs listed above.

  • Eat a healthy diet and reduce or restrict salty foods and those high in potassium.

  • Keep high blood pressure under control.

  • Don't smoke.

  • Alcohol should be in moderation or not at all.

  • Keep diabetes monitored and blood sugar controlled.

  • Exercise daily.

  • Treat urinary tract infections as soon as it begins.

  • Monitor and control cholesterol levels.

  • Maintain a healthy weight.

  • Stay hydrated and eat food slow in sugar and fat.

  • Review pain medications with your doctor.

Your kidneys can be damaged by a variety of conditions. As we age we are more likely to suffer from kidney and urinary tract problems. Kidney issues can increase the risk of heart disease. If you have one of the risk factors for kidney disease, you should have a kidney health check from your doctor every two years. Advanced age does not automatically mean you will have kidney failure but being aware of the risk factors and preventative measures will help keep your kidneys healthy throughout your senior years.

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