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Keeping The Holidays Simple for Alzheimer's Patients

The holiday season should be the happiest time of the year, right? If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease, the season can bring new challenges and stressors. It's especially tough for the Alzheimer's patient who may experience anxiety over the increased levels of stimulation. It's essential to minimize stress by identifying and minimizing triggers. Simplifying your holiday calendar will insure that the holiday memories you make are happy ones.

Tips for Holiday Sanity:

1.Avoid Crowded Venues and Hectic Activities. You might be be tempted to take your Alzheimer's patient along with you while shopping at the mall. Think again. This little excursion could prove disastrous. The frantic pace, crowds, holiday music and decorations could result in serious overstimulation for an Alzheimer's patient. The resulting anxiety and behavior changes could linger for days.

2.Keep Holiday Visits Short. Alzheimer's patients tire easily. Consider skipping lengthy events or parties. As an alternative, families can retain the services of a professional caregiver through an In-Home Care agency to keep a family member with Alzheimer's safe and comfortable at home. Look for an agency with caregivers who have specific Alzheimer's experience and/or training. For additional information on Alzheimer's specific In-Home Care Services, contact Easy Living at 770-442-8664.

3.Minimize Holiday Decor; Reduce an allow them to participate. The results may be less than perfect but the process will build happy memories for all.

5.Build on Past Traditions and Memories. Your family member may find comfort in singing old holiday songs and listening to favorite stories. But also experiment with new holiday traditions, such as renting seasonal videos.

6.Maintain the Normal Routine. Your loved one does much better with routine and consistency. This is even more important during the holidays when other variables are changing. Plan adequate time for rest and nutritious meals.

Like any other health challenge, Alzheimer’s always affects an entire family—not just one individual. Celebrating holidays with a family member who has Alzheimer’s can be challenging and stressful. Some advanced planning and a realistic vision for the season can ease stress for all. Adjust your holiday expectations. Above all ,enjoy these precious moments with your loved one.

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