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In Home Care - When to Hire a Caregiver for a Love One

There are many instances when hiring a caregiver is essential for well being, safety and peace of mind. Knowing when is the right time to hire someone for a parent or loved one is an important decision. Here is a list of warning signs that may indicate a fundamental change in a elderly loved one's physical and mental ability to function independently at home:

Wearing clothing that is disheveled or dirty

Not bathing

Wearing P.J.'s throughout the day

Hair not washed or brushed

Oral care ignored

Unsteady & balance issues

Falling frequently

Forgetting to eat

Food that is spoiled in the cabinet or refrigerator

Not eating nutritious meals

Having sweets as a main meal throughout the day

No longer interested in hobbies and personal entertainment

Very reluctant to social activities

Forgetting to pay bills or open mail

Lack of maintaining the home and the cleaning upkeep

Piles of dirty laundry and clothing items scattered around

Confusion, lack of good judgment, memory loss

Confused and forgetful about taking medication

Personality changes and dramatic mood swings

Lack of energy or interest

Changes in sleeping habits

Should you notice any of these changes in your loved one, contact a doctor to check for medical symptoms that may be causing the change of behavior. Once the medical condition is under control, hiring a caregiver to provide assistance with daily tasks will help your loved one remain safe and independent in the comfort of home. Caregivers can prepare balanced meals, grocery shop, provide transportation to appointments, give medication reminders, as well as light housekeeping and laundry. Call us to learn more about our caregiver services, 770-442-8664.

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