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In-Home Care Tips - Relieving Nausea from Cancer Treatments

Going through cancer treatment is no easy task, especially chemotherapy. It can cause numerous side effects one being nausea. A healthy diet can help you to feel better and withstand the side effects of your cancer treatments; but you will still need to cope with the nausea. Although nausea may seem like a harmless side effect, it can lead to a loss of appetite. In turn, a loss of appetite can result in dehydration, which can be serious.

Follow these tips to help manage nausea during chemotherapy treatment:

  • Most people undergoing chemotherapy need to drink large amounts of fluids a day and if you are vomiting, this is not being achieved. Your doctor may be able to prescribe anti-nausea medications to help with the nausea.

  • Eat small meals throughout the day. Try to eat every 2 hours.

  • Plan ahead so you won't have to endure shopping for groceries while you're nauseous. Prepare protein-rich entrees and freeze in meal-sized portions.

  • Schedule help from family and friends for providing meals.

  • Keep snacks at hand. String cheese, Greek yogurt, Jell-O, pudding, hard-boiled eggs, peanut or almond butter and crackers all work well.

  • Do not eat fatty or greasy foods which are often difficult to digest plus, another goal is to keep the food you eat down. Fatty and greasy foods can often make nausea worse, leading to vomiting.

  • Avoid strong scents or odors. Use an air purification system which will be helpful during meal preparation to lessen the fumes and remind family members and visitors "no perfume please".

  • Drink fluids throughout the day. Try water, tea, unsweetened juices, nutritional drinks, Pedialyte, sports drinks or sparkling water. Adding a slice of fruit may enhance the flavor of water and tea.

  • Drink fluids at room temperature. Cold or warm beverages may increase or trigger nausea in already sensitive stomachs.

  • Limit foods that are high in sugar and high in fat.

  • Ginger is a natural remedy for nausea. Buy capsules or make tea by shaving fresh ginger into boiling water. You can also add sugar and gelatin to boiled ginger water, let it cool, cut it into squares and eat it as candy. Ginger ale and cookies made with real ginger are other alternatives. Do not use ginger for nausea if you have been told to avoid aspirin or if you are on a blood-thinner. Ginger may increase the risk of bleeding.

  • Limit stimulants such as caffeine which may cause or worsen nausea.

  • When you feel nausea coming on try snacking on carbohydrate rich snacks such as crackers, granola bars, whole grain bagel or muffins, raisins or humus with pita bread.

  • Rest after eating, but do not lay completely flat. Try laying in an upright position or in a recliner. This will aid in digestion.

  • Practice deep breathing and relaxation techniques that can help when nausea is at its worse.

  • During your all-day treatments bring a blanket or cozy throw along with something to keep you mentally engaged like a book, cross word puzzle, knitting or stitching project. You will also need to bring drinks and food like a sandwich, string cheese ,Jell-O or pudding cups, protein bars and fruit.

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