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How To Support A Loved One With Cancer

A loved one has recently been diagnosed with cancer or they are living with cancer. It can be hard to know what to do or say during these difficult times. How can you best support and lend a hand? Helping someone with cancer means caring for them physically as well as emotionally. The best show of support is to be there to listen and care.

Educate Yourself

Many times a person who is ill may not want to talk about the details of the illness. They may not want to think about it or they may not want to repeat the diagnosis over and over to different people who ask about their condition. Educate yourself by reading and learning more about their specific type of cancer. Be prepared for changes that may occur such as hair and weight loss, fatigue and nausea.

Helpful tips to show support:

Medical care and assistance - Offer to research treatment options and recommend that your loved one seek a second opinion. Volunteer to provide transportation and companionship during treatment and on medical appointments.

Be flexible -With cancer there are good days as well bad and it is not always predictable as to when they will occur. You may have established a day to assist your loved one and on that day they are feeling pretty good. It might be best to check with them to see if it would be better to help on another day when they are not as up to par.

Deliver meals - Dropping off food that is prepared and picking up grocery items is a great way to be supportive. Good nutrition is critical during treatment and keep in mind many foods that they use to eat may now bring on nausea. Find out what food preferences and restrictions apply now.

Talk about the future - Don't be afraid to make plans for future dates. Keeping positive and having hope is essential to recovery. Laugh and have fun when its needed.

Do something to bring laughter - As the saying goes...Laughter really is the best medicine. One cancer survivor said " It was the laughter, the stillness, the keeping things light and normal, that allowed me the freedom to let loose and experience the joy I thought I might never see again.

Organize a support team -Coordinate task among friends, caregivers and family. Check online communities that offer tools to make the activities sharable.

  • Help with chores

  • Pick up the Mail

  • Take care of pets

  • Provide assistance with laundry

  • Water the plants or garden

  • Run the vacuum

  • Shop for Groceries

  • Pick up prescriptions

  • Drop off food

  • Watch the children

  • Keep in touch - let your friend know that you care

  • Take a walk together

Gift Ideas

  • Magazines, books

  • Music Download Play list

  • DVDs

  • Puzzles

  • Journal

  • Gift certificates for spa treatment

  • Grocery store gift cards

  • A housekeeping service

  • Pajamas

  • Plant or flower

  • Something that involves there interest or hobby

Cancer makes people feel isolated from the rest of the world. It removes someone from their regular way of life. They may have to face their mortality and have sleepless nights worried about their fears. Letting someone know you are with them through every step of their journey is the best comfort you can provide.

If you are finding it difficult to juggle it all - work, family, errands and other demands that often leave you over taxed. Where do you turn when a loved ones needs are more than you can manage on your own? Consult Atlanta's most trusted source for quality Home Care, Easy Living Services. Offering flexible care plans designed to guarantee safety, comfort, companionship and personal care.

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