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Home Care: 8 Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Caregiver

Each week, Easy Living Services interacts with clients that are struggling to make decisions not only for themselves, but also for a loved one. Each family has questions and we took our most common queries and posted them below. We hope you find them useful!

What are the three most important qualities to look for in a caregiver?

Compassion, Passionate about helping others & Skilled- Caregivers that are Certified Nursing Assistants who have a minimum of 5 years experience. Demand a rigorous screening process that includes an extensive background check, in-depth interview and personal and professional reference checks. Only with an agency that provides this are you ensured of working with a highly skilled caregiver who is passionate about caring for those who need assistance. For your peace of mind, our employed caregivers meet all of these criteria and are fully insured.

What kind of services should I expect from my caregiver?

All non-medical assistance that will keep your loved one safe and comfortable at home, at the hospital or in a nursing or rehab facility. Companion / Homemaker / Personal Care - Caregivers can provide light housekeeping, errands, meals, socialization and companionship. Personal Care can include bathing, dressing, grooming, safety, sanitation and meal preparation.

What if my caregiver can't make it due to illness?

Make certain that your provider has a large staff of qualified, professional and reliable caregivers - In the event of caregiver illness or emergency absence this will warrant that a replacement is available. Easy Living Services maintains a backup program and has a large network of employed professionals available to assist with your needs.

Why should I use an agency instead of hiring a private caregiver out of the newspaper or internet?

You will want to make sure that caregivers are screened, trained, have an excellent work ethic and are insured and covered by workers comp for your safety - Caregivers that have been professionally trained specifically in working with persons who are disabled, recovering from an illness or injury as well as senior care must be adequately screened to safeguard that they are qualified to care for your loved one. Working with an agency is like having an insurance plan confirming that you have a qualified caregiver available when you want and need "life made easier".

What is live-in care and how is the cost determined?

Clients requiring around the clock care can opt for a caregiver to live with their loved one. The caregiver must be able to sleep an average of 8 hours at night and have a separate room for sleeping. Live-in services are available for both Companion and Personal Care and the cost is slightly reduced to reflect sleep time. Should you require care throughout the 24 hour period two twelve hour shifts can be established.

Can I have flexible hourly care?

Yes. Some clients require only part-time care. Easy Living Services, Inc. offers hourly care services with a minimum of 5 hours per shift, for the number of days or weeks that care is needed.

What about emergency care after business hours?

Your caregiver provider should be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When their office is closed, there needs to be an on-call knowledgeable person available to assist with any emergency needs. Easy Living has an on-call knowledgeable person available to assist with emergency after hour needs 24/7/365.

Why would I want to use a locally owned company rather than a franchise agency?

Easy Living Services ensures important decisions regarding the care of your loved ones are customized based on your specific needs. We are not governed by a large corporate structure that dictates policies and procedures from afar. Franchises limit the amount of independence and creativity, whereas Easy living Services allows for maximum flexibility at the most affordable rates.

As a locally owned business we consider it a privilege to give back through fundraising and volunteer efforts. Our families live and work in and around the city and are proud to be an integral part of its communities.

Easy Living works with only the best Atlanta caregivers. Many of our clients have used our service for 10+ years and the feedback is consistent in superior levels of satisfaction. We are your Home Care staffing expert - we've been assisting Atlanta families for over 27 years!

If the challenges of family and career are making life overwhelming and difficult to care for a loved one in need of assistance, we can help. Today’s families have very busy lifestyles so many times family members want to help and in many cases try to help but generally it is only a matter of time before it all becomes overwhelming trying to juggle too many tasks at one time. For most just knowing that companies like ours are here when you need support and an extra set of caring hands make the process less stressful and smooth.

Should a loved one need help, call us today 770-442-8664!

Easy Living Services, Inc.

Providing Home Care to Atlanta families since 1994

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