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Holiday Gifts for Senior Loved Ones

It can be difficult finding appreciated gifts for senior loved ones. Many have down sized and lack storage space or they may be dealing with health issues and physical challenges. At this time in life, your loved one probably doesn't need more stuff they only need things that can really be used.

Here is a list of ideas to help with your gift giving this holiday:

  • Flameless Candles - Provides a safe alternative to the traditional candle and they can help to lift the spirit and mood.

  • Digital Picture Frames - Record a personalized greeting that can be replayed by your loved one.

  • Photo Dialer Telephones - This device is equipped with large buttons and high volume. The photo dialer makes calling family, friends and medical professionals less challenging for those suffering with age, eye and ear related issues.

  • Technology - Stay connected and in touch by purchasing a tablet and helping them to set up user friendly apps and programs such as Facebook, email and instant messenger.

  • Lotions and Skin Care Items - These are gifts that are always useful. Be sure to find out about allergies and favorite products.

  • Homemade Anything - Treats, gifts made by the family or grandchildren are always special.

  • Decorate for the Holidays - Offering to bring in and decorate the sitting area for your loved one helps to share the holiday joy.

  • Schedule an Outing - Make arrangements for a visit or special outing with a favorite past time or holiday show.

  • Adult Coloring books - These are very popular for all ages and have been known to provide hours of positive brain stimulation. The coloring books can be a creative outlet that can brighten the day for someone who may be at home or by themselves throughout the day.

  • TV Apps- Set up Netflix and buy a years subscription or call their provider and pay for the Hallmark Channels to be added to their account.

  • Comfy Things - Bathrobes, slippers, cozy blankets or throws, bed jackets and shawls are always appreciated.

  • Grocery Store gift card - This is something always appreciated and will certainly be used!

  • Coffee or Tea Basket - Fill the basket with a variety of your loved ones favorite brew and blends along with a cup, wafers, cinnamon sticks, preserves and other snacks.

  • Batteries - Batteries are very useful for many household items.

Home Care Assistance - Purchase a gift certificate, redeemable for hours of home care service. Here are examples:

  • Give the gift of a personal driver to take your loved one on appointments, errands, shopping or outings with friends.

  • Give the gift of help with household chores. Light housekeeping, organizing and maintenance.

  • Give the gift of holiday help. Gift shopping and wrapping, mailing packages, sending out cards, holiday decorating, help with holiday recipes or transportation to holiday events.

  • Give the gift of respite care for a family member that is a full time caregiver. For the enormously large number of people who care for a family member, having time to allow for self care is a most valuable gift.

  • Give the gift of companionship and socialization. Many seniors have lost spouses and close friends or may be separated from family, it can be a time of loneliness and sadness that result in holiday blues.

Time is the most valuable gift you can give to anyone, not only during the holidays but throughout the year. The holidays are a reminder for family and friends to come together and serve one another. It' a time to be thankful and to be selfless in giving.

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