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Finding the Right Caregiver!

Finding the right caregiver for your loved one means knowing exactly what characteristics to look for. Being a caregiver is not an easy job. It requires many special skills and traits and at times can be overwhelming.

Caregivers focus primarily on the person that they are caring for and in many instances their own needs become neglected. At Easy Living we have been successfully selecting and hiring caregivers for metro Atlanta families for over 27 years, Here are specific comments sent to us from our clients on what makes their caregiver a great match. Looking for these same traits when searching for a superstar caregiver for your loved one will ensure that you make a perfect match.

"Gloria spends a lot of time on the appearance of my mother. On most days she looks like she has just returned from the beauty shop! Gloria is a caregiver that puts her whole heart into her job."

"Moses has demonstrated such loving care and concern for my father. He has treated him as if he were his own dad. It has made such an improvement in his health."

"Our caregiver, Katherine, has been a friend to my mom since day one. My mom was against care at first but now she has a friend who takes good care of her. She does so much in our home...thank you for helping us!"

" I commend Nathan for his kindness, patience, efficiency and knowledge as a caregiver. I especially appreciate the time Nathan spends talking with my husband and taking him outside to get some sunshine. He is great at keeping the family updated on my husband's condition and needs, for which we are grateful. He is really on top of everything and it is gratifying for the family to know that my husband is in the care of such a fine man and caregiver."

"...thank you for sending our angel, Ama, to our household. There are not enough words to express my love and gratitude for the wonderful care she has given my parents...over the last 3 years. She is an unbelievable person...and has shown such knowledge and commitment to my parents care. What really amazed me was how Ama sacrificed being with her own daughter on her wedding day to tend to my mother in her final days."

"Vicki is absolutely awesome with my dad! She is always pleasant and so helpful even when dad's not the most pleasant. She always has a smile and gentle spirit that calms dad. She has a true servant's heart!"

"Valerie demonstrates, loyalty, dependability, dedication, competence and is professional in all settings. Her personality is pleasing and inviting and welcoming. She cares deeply about the well-being of my mom's health status, making sure she prepares healthy nutritious meals and follows my mom's diet restrictions. Valerie engages mom in games, puzzles and other forms of entertainment to enhance the mental, motor, and physical skills mom needs. I could not have dreamed up a better fit for mom!"

To find the right caregiver for you or your loved one look for these skills:






Physical Ability

Good Hygiene




A Good Listener

A Good Communicator



Someone Who Loves What They Do - This Is Their Calling!

Easy Living Services, Inc. can help you find the right caregiver who is compatible and capable of helping you or your loved one. We are Atlanta's Home Care Experts! Call us today to find out how we can help with your Home Care needs, 770-442-8664.

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