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Family Caregiver Tips

Caring for a loved one as well as managing your own personal needs can be challenging. Understanding and communication will help you better care for and support your loved one as well as ensure a more positive and rewarding experience. Here are tips to help make your role as a family caregiver go more smoothly:

  • Be empathic and have compassion for what your loved one is facing. A caring heart can get you through the most difficult of times.

  • Some days you may be at a loss for words. It's ok to say nothing. A pat on the hand and a smile can sometimes say it all.

  • Allow your friends to be there for you...your friends want to help, let them feel useful. Make a list of things that will help you as a caregiver then when someone offers "Is there something I can do?" you'll have specific needs to provide as suggestions.

  • Be sure to keep current updated personal health records that provide the most important information needed for your loved ones care.

  • Keep the home safe for fall prevention. Check out our blog articles for more information on home safety and fall prevention.

  • Give yourself a daily break. As a caregiver you need "me time" in order to stay positive and healthy so that you can continue your role caring for your loved one. Sadly, many caregivers do not get the break that they deserve and so desperately need. Time away from caregiver responsibilities are so important. When you return from respite, spend quality time with your loved one. Focus on activities that can bring enjoyment; spend time outdoors, listen to music, go through family photo albums, make the most of the journey.

Know when to hire outside help!

Where do you turn when a love one needs more than you can manage on your own? What do you do when some of the care alternatives seem like a complication rather than a solution? Consult Atlanta's most trusted source for quality Home Care since 1994, Easy Living Services, Inc. Flexible care plans designed to guarantee safety, and personal attention. Call to discuss your specific needs, 770-442-8664 or visit us at:

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