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Family Caregiver Burnout

Helping with the needs of a loved one is no easy task. Millions of family caregivers are working with difficult physical and mental health situations and putting in extremely long hours with little or no back up assistance. Family caregiving can drain individuals both physically and emotionally which can result in burnout and exhaustion, leaving the caregiver endangering their own health.

Family caregiver burnout is a result of neglecting your emotional, physical, and mental health. Persons between the ages of 66-95 who are caring for loved ones, have a 63% higher risk of dying than people of the same age who are not providing caregiver duties.

Burnout Symptoms Can Include:

  • Physical exhaustion, drained and tired, excessive illness

  • Depression, emotional breakdowns, crying for no valid reason, sadness, feelings of helplessness

  • Inability to sleep soundly, restlessness, changes in sleep patterns

  • Increase or decrease in appetite

  • Increase or decrease in weight

  • Irritability, anxiety

  • Withdrawal from prior activities both social and personal

  • Concentration problems

  • Feeling of abandonment and abuse

The first step is to realize you may no longer be the best person to take care of your loved one. Seek the advice of a trained professional on getting yourself back on track, and re-engage with friends and family. Look into Respite Care and Home Care services to give yourself a much needed break. Respite care provides an outside caregiver service to send in temporary care which can support and strengthen your ability to continue on as a family caregiver. Respite and Home Care services can be scheduled for as little as a five hour block of time up to around the clock for several days or weeks. Respite care can allow for you to relax and take care of important appointments and most importantly, YOU!

For persons caring for a loved one with Dementia or Alzheimer's, it is possible to apply for a grant to help cover the cost of respite care. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America makes a limited number of Family Respite Care Grants. There are application deadlines in spring and fall. Go to:

You can also look into government senior organizations, churches and other volunteer groups for respite assistance.

Home Care is typically paid by private pay or Long Term Care Insurance and can provide a world of relief. Home Care can range from companion and supervised activities, or can include personal care such as assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, and safety.

Consult Atlanta's Home Care expert, Easy Living Services, Inc. Easy Living has been assisting thousands of Atlanta families with keeping their loved ones fulfilled, happy, and safe in the comfort of home since 1994.

Call us today to learn how we can help 770-442-8664.

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