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Ease the stress of your elderly parent's move with 9 key strategies.

Moving is stressful...period. Let's face it; no one looks forward to the process of moving. There's only one thing more challenging than moving yourself, moving your elderly parent. Helping a senior get prepared for a move can be an endeavor fraught with intense emotions, anxiety, and frustration for adult kids and parent. The physical, cognitive and emotional changes associated with aging will likely impact a senior's ability to participate in the process. While there are sure to be some very positive reasons for moving, most seniors relocate for one or more of the following emotionally charged reasons:

  • Health conditions

  • Changes in mobility

  • Loss of a spouse

  • Financial conditions

Enlist help, especially if organization is not your strong suit. Consider employing a professional organizer to assist. Look for one experienced in working with elderly transitions. A caring, objective professional may be what's needed to keep the project on track.

Keep the end goal in sight. Take time to celebrate progress. Try hard to keep the process positive by keeping the goal of improved circumstances in sharp focus.

Do not forget to acknowledge the impact this process will have on you, as their adult child. This move will likely bring you face to face with the new realities: changing roles, increased care needs, and perhaps the loss of your childhood home, as well. This is emotionally and physically draining work so prepare well and take care of yourself along the way.

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