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Creating A Successful Relationship with Your In-Home Care Provider

Why doesn't my In-Home Care agency send me the right caregiver? Every time I find a caregiver I like, they don't stick around."

Sound familiar? Before you jump ship and run off to find another In-Home Care agency or caregiver, thoughtfully consider whether you are doing YOUR part in forging a successful relationship. Its fairly obvious that a healthy, professional relationship between the family, the person requiring assistance and the In-Home Care agency and caregiver is essential for a successful outcome.

The following are some ideas for securing and keeping a quality caregiver for the long haul:

Participate in the selection process. Provide your agency with as much information as possible concerning your care needs, routines, personality preferences, interests, communication styles, schedule preferences. Identify key selection criteria. Be candid. Don't withhold critical information that could result in an unsuccessful caregiver match.

Make expectations clear. Make certain that the agency and your caregiver have a thorough understanding of your requirements. Prioritize care tasks and identify those that are a MUST for each visit. If possible, take the time to supplement the agency's Plan of Care document with a detailed and specific to do list. Share the list with your caregiver and confirm understanding. Do NOT ever assume that your caregiver understands your needs without a discussion.

Communicate frequently. Good communication is essential in any relationship. It may seem somewhat awkward at first but establish regular meeting times with your caregiver and let the agency know as soon as any issues, concerns and/or changes occur. Consider keeping a journal in the home to jot down notes and communicate information if you are not able to meet in person with a loved ones caregiver. Let the agency address small concerns while they are still easily remedied and give them a chance to correct the situation before requesting a change.

Acceptance. Recognize that perfection is a very high standard of measurement and may not always yield what is best for your loved one. Evaluate whether or not the caregiver meets most of your key criteria before asking for a replacement. Demanding perfection may cause you to miss out on some really terrific Aides who will provide loving care.

Appreciate a job well done. Once you have been successfully matched with a great caregiver, let them know how much you appreciate the work they are doing. Express your gratitude with a smile and a simple thank you. Working as a professional caregiver is rewarding but also carries physical and emotional challenges. Your praise and gratitude can make all the difference to your caregiver!

Easy Living Services, Inc. has assisted thousands of Atlanta families in caring for their love ones since 1994. Contact the staff at Easy Living Services for more information on In-Home Care services for seniors and those affected by chronic health conditions.

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