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Cancer Diagnosis - Getting Support

Learning that you have cancer is a difficult experience. After your cancer diagnosis, you may feel anxious, afraid or overwhelmed and you may feel that your life is no longer within your control. For many people, regaining a sense of control begins by learning as much as they can about their cancer and its treatment.

Even though your needs are greater when you have cancer, it can be hard to ask for help to meet those needs. No one needs to face cancer alone. When people with cancer seek and receive help from others, they often find it easier to cope.

When helping others, people feel good. Your family and friends want to be helpful but they may not know what to say or do. They will feel more at ease when you ask them something specific to do for you! Family and friends can run errands, provide transportation, prepare a meal and help with around the house chores. Learn to accept help from others during this difficult time.

Talk to other people who have cancer. It may help to talk to others who have been in your situation. Other cancer survivors can share their experiences and give you insight into what you can expect during and after treatment.

A great way to connect with other cancer survivors is through support groups. Cancer support centers offer individual and family counseling, educational information, practical help and support for not only you but for your entire family. An excellent support center in the Atlanta area is the Wellness Community which is affiliated with Northside Hospital, Another great resource is the American Cancer Society's Cancer Survivors Network,

Finding a source of spiritual support will help you stay positive and stay emotionally healthy. What comforted you through rough times before your cancer was diagnosed is likely to help ease your worries now.

Getting caregiver service from a Home Care company may be an option to consider at this time. Just as you need time for yourself, your family members may also need time to rest, have fun, and take care of their other duties. Caregivers can provide temporary assistance with housekeeping, meals and so much more. Should you or a loved one need temporary relief or assistance call us at 770-442-8664. Easy Living Services, Inc. has supported families in their efforts to keep loved ones fulfilled at home since 1994. Call us to discuss your specific needs or for more information visit us at:

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