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Cancer Care: "If There's Anything I Can Do..."

When a friend or a loved one is going through a difficult time, we feel bad for them and often offer our services through "If there is anything I can do..." The phrase demonstrates that we feel sympathy but usually isn't interpreted as a sincere gesture. Even though flowers and cards are always nice to receive, sometimes the most helpful and appreciated gestures involve a helping hand with everyday tasks that are usually taken for granted.

There is a single best answer to "If there's anything I can do...", it is to BE THERE.

Be there to ensure that your loved one with cancer isn't trying to battle the disease while using every ounce of strength to manage everything else. Here's a list of several life-style management chores that you can help with or when time doesn't allow, hire a Home Care service to provide support with these chores. These are important daily tasks and ones that are very, very appreciated:

  • Mowing the lawn/gardening/rake leaves/shovel snow

  • Take care of the laundry (wash, fold, and put away)

  • Housekeeping chores or hire a service to clean

  • Change the sheets

  • Water houseplants

  • Running Errands

  • Grocery store shopping or pick up

  • Pick up prescriptions

  • Picking up/dropping off kids at school

  • Dry cleaning

  • Making meals

  • Take care of pets

  • Paying bills/pick up & drop off mail

  • Taking out trash

  • Minor household repairs (replace batteries, light bulbs, filters)

  • Put up and take down holiday decorations

  • Provide transportation to appointments and errands

  • Offer to stay and keep them company during treatments

Most importantly, be there! Stop in a see how your friend is doing. Have a meal with your loved one. Show that you sincerely care and are there for them at what may be the most difficult time of their life. Your efforts, no matter how big or small, will be treasured. Knowing you are not alone during a difficult time is often the best gift of all.

Consult Atlanta's most trusted source for quality Home Care assistance, Easy Living Services, Inc. We have supported Atlanta families in their efforts to keep loved ones fulfilled and safe at home since 1994. Providing flexible custom designed care to assure personal attention. Call to discuss your specific needs, 770-442-8664 visit us at:


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