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After experiencing difficulty finding a caregiver for her own mother, Debby Franklin formed Easy Living Services in 1994 to help make it easier for other families to find quality care. Hear her story. (1:12, 6MB .wav)

Home Care agencies are one of the largest growing industries in today's market.  "Big business" has seized this opportunity.  Franchised, "locally owned" agencies are opening their doors throughout the city.  A franchise owner becomes a part of a large corporate run entity.  Is bigger better? We think not.  At Easy Living we are able to modify and implement the changes that you want and need without going through the Corporate chain of command.  We identify and schedule caregivers to our clients based on each clients special needs and by caregivers availability, compatibility, skill set and personality.  Clients are instrumental in the selection process and are the ultimate decision maker for selecting the caregiver that is right for them.

As the owner of Easy Living, I have been a pioneer in this industry and have personally worked at all levels of the business to ensure the safest and most innovative procedures are in place.  I am an active owner; working to help meet the needs of our community for over 24 years. 

At Easy Living, caring is more than just a business; it is our philosophy in action every day!

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Staff Overview

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Debby Franklin, President

Debby started in the Health Care industry right out of college . In her career she quickly moved up as the Vice President of Operation for a large national health care organization. As VP of Operation she was responsible for the development, staffing and overall results of locations throughout the US and Mexico. While exploring care options for her own mother, Debby discovered a real shortage in quality in-home care solutions. Debby opened Easy Living in 1994 to help thousands of families like hers gain access to quality and affordable home care. Today, Debby supplies vision for the organization and works to identify new ways to support the needs of families striving to care for their loved ones at home.

Natalie McDonald, Vice President of Operations

Natalie McDonald, Vice President of Operations

Natalie and Debby met and began working together over 30 years ago and initiated a life long association and partnership. Natalie is a skilled administrator with experience in health care, recruiting, training and human resources. At Easy Living, Natalie oversees the recruitment and selection of caregivers and office staff, monitors our quality assurance and client satisfaction program, and organizes day to day business operations. She also serves as a member of the Board of Directors at Easy Living.

Teona Olson, First Aid

Teona Olson, First Aid & CPR Instructor, Client Care Representative

Teona started her health care career while attending Kennesaw University. The majority of her previous experience and training was in private practice. Teona joined The Easy Living team in 2007 as a Certified Nursing Assistant working with client assignments and referrals. Her current role is conducting new client registration/paperwork as well as Home Visits. Teona also provides back up assistance in the office with a variety of tasks. In July of 2009 Teona received certification by the American Heart Association as an instructor for 1st Aid/CPR, blood borne pathogens and AED.


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Hazel Gray, RN & Staff Nurses

With over 35 years of clinical nursing experience, Hazel is an integral part of Easy Living.  She possesses years of nursing management in acute, long term care and surgical settings. At ELS, her team monitors Easy Living client progress and ensures that the highest standards of care are being delivered. Our nurses conduct and review client assessments, evaluate care plans and participate in quarterly home visits to determine the clients progress and functional limitations. The nurses are available for inquiries and consultation.

Jill resized 600Jill Troman, Communications Manager

Jill brings years of project and account management experience to her position with Easy Living.  She enjoys customer contact and works to make certain that clients and caregivers alike have positive experiences with Easy Living.  Jill maintains home care law compliance, and acts as the web site administrator and provides the content for ELS's newsletters, blogs and other corporate communications.