In-Home Care for Atlanta's Seniors

Home Care for Atlanta Seniors

Home Care - Caring for someone can be time-consuming and exhausting. It can be a real challenge for Atlanta families to evaluate the complex array of choices available for aging loved ones. There are so many options from institutional and assisted living facilities to professional caregiver services. How do you decide?

“At Easy Living Services, we look at care differently. We believe that the brightest future for seniors and disabled adults is remaining independent and more comfortable right where they are - in their own home.”

After careful consideration of the pros and cons for each alternative, most families find that residential assistance provided by a professional offers the best features of a facility coupled with ease, comfort and familiarity.

Consider the following when evaluating :

  • The psychological benefit of remaining within a familiar environment with beloved family, friends and belongings is immeasurable. Making the transition to assisted living or nursing options can be stressful for seniors, eroding security and freedom. Easy Living makes it possible for older adults to maintain normal activities and preserve valued relationships.
  • Many people turn to facility-based care arrangements based on a belief that the level of attention will be greater and the care better coordinated. Indeed, clients rarely receive individualized, one-on-one attention in facilities. Typically, services like personal assistance, medication reminders, housekeeping and meals are offered on an “ala carte” basis and represent additional expenditures. Professionals from Easy Living cater to the unique needs of your loved one. Nothing is cookie cutter----everything from meal planning to social activities is accomplished with individual preferences in mind.
  • At Easy Living, our staff Registered Nurse supervises preparation of a customized strategy for each client. This plan is implemented by trained professionals and assessed through routine supervisor visits. “Client Management Logs” within the residence are utilized to record daily activities, note client changes and communicate with family members. Easy Living is available to respond to after hours emergencies through our employee monitored on-call service.
  • Opportunity for socializing is a frequent consideration when selecting care for seniors. The social activities offered at many facilities may seem appealing to you but may not be in line with your senior’s personality. For example, cafeteria style dining with a large group might not be comfortable for some seniors and planned social activities may not match the interests of all. In-residence caregivers offer companionship and are matched with clients based on common personality traits and interests. Caregivers strive to facilitate appropriate, healthy social interaction for your loved one based on his personal desires.
  • The Easy Living solution is comparable in price (and often less) to average quality Assisted Living facilities. High end, luxury oriented Assisted Living facilities that include personal caregiving & homemaker services, exceed home care costs. Easy Living Services provides personalized, high level supervision & coordination—all at an affordable price. We offer everything an assisted living facility does and more! With one on one personal touch and custom designed service, why not make senior living...easy?