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24 Hour Caregiver Service

Posted by Debby Franklin on Sep 20, 2013 4:28:00 PM

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There's no question that evaluating 24 Hour Caregiver options for a loved one can be quite overwhelming, not to mention costly.  You might be surprised to learn that 24 Hour Caregiver service options can be among the most affordable and best values in senior care. 

24 Hour Caregiver Service refers to a caregiver that lives with the care recipient for a specified period of time (usually 3-4 days), providing 24 hour coverage. Typically when 24/7 service is set up 3 caregivers are selected to work with a specific client so that familiarity and continuity can be established between the client and the care team. The selected are team will rotate days providing what is typically called "Live-In" care. 24 Hour "Live-In" care is  billed at a flat, daily fee with rates ranging from $175 to $185 per 24 hour period.  24 Hour Caregiver Service rates are considerably less expensive on a per hour basis than standard hourly care.  In order to meet the qualifications for 24 Hour care, one of the requirements is that the client must sleep on average 7-8 hours per night without needing assistance.  If regular sleep is not possible for the caregiver, one solution is that an additional Aide can be brought in to provide nighttime coverage, on an hourly basis so that the 24 hour caregiver can get the rest needed to perform the duties during the day. Even by brining in an additional caregiver at night the total cost for care is normally much lower than hourly around-the-clock rates.

Before you dismiss 24 Hour care as too costly, consider how comprehensive the care is for the money.  Besides "hands on", personal care services such as bathing, dressing, mobility assistance and companionship, caregivers serve as Household Managers.  Consider the tasks listed below that are rolled into the job of a "Live-in" caregiver:

Household cleaning & laundry services--- a $540 per month ($135 per week) value

Personal Meal Planning/Shopping/Preparation Services--- a $450 per month value (30 home cooked, nutritious meals) 

Pet Care (feeding/walking)---a $270 per month ($9 per day) value

Errand & Transportation Service---a $320 per month value (2 local outings per week)


These extra services, of course, are in addition to the priceless benefit of one-on-one personal care and companionship in one's own home.  24 Hour care is especially economical for couples or those requiring significant levels of personal care.

As a word of caution---some might be tempted to search for 24 Hour Caregiver Service on their own. "A friend of a friend" may sound like an attractive option.  This person may be someone that you believe you would be comfortable around.  After all, concern about having a stranger in the home is a major hurdle for most.   You should question the motivation of people who claim they will move in on a permanent basis to care for all of the needs of an elderly person.  Professional Caregivers are real people with families, homes and their own interests. A professional, skilled caregiver will NOT be willing to move in permanently and give up their own lives without a break. He or she should possess the credentials/experience necessary to work with the elderly.  Be skeptical of those who are willing to accept room/board and tiny salaries in exchange for a loved one's total care.  Many seniors have fallen prey to dishonest "caregivers" who take advantage of the situation.

Instead, consider retaining the services of a professional In-Home Care agency. Agency personnel will handle the screening and make certain that the caregiver sent to care for your loved one is skilled, professional and has a solid track record.  Agencies also guarantee coverage if your primary caregiver must miss work.  Agency caregivers receive regular breaks so that when they return to care for your loved one; they are refreshed.

If you are finding it difficult to juggle it all - work, family, errands and other demands that often leave you over taxed.  Where do you turn when a loved ones needs are more than you can manage on your own?  What do you do when some of the care alternatives seem like a complication rather than a solution?  We understand, in fact, we have been there.

Consult Atlanta's most trusted source for quality Home Care, Easy Living Services. Offering flexible care plans designed to guarantee safety, comfort, companionship and personal care and attention to your loved one at home.

Finally, a real solution.  At last, peace of mind.  Call us at 770-442-8664.  

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